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An International Journal on the Teaching and Learning of Statistics

Table of Contents


Volume 13, Number 3 (November 2005)



Mary Richardson, Neal Rogness, and Byron Gajewski
4 Out of 5 Students Surveyed Would Recommend this Activity (Comparing Chewing Gum Flavor Duration)

Michael Wood
The Role of Simulation Approaches in Statistics

Pam Boger
Building the Numeracy Skills of Undergraduate and Elementary School Students

John Dutton and Marilyn Dutton
Characteristics and Performance of Students in an Online Section of Business Statistics

I. Elaine Allen and Norean Radke Sharpe
Demonstration of Ranking Issues for Students: A Case Study

Sheldon Stein
Sums and Products of Jointly Distributed Random Variables: A Simplified Approach


Teaching Bits: A Resource for Teachers of Statistics

Marjorie Bond
Topics for Discussion from Current Newspapers and Journals

Datasets and Stories

John Holcomb and Angela Spalsbury
Teaching Students to Use Summary Statistics and Graphics to Clean and Analyze Data

Juana Sanchez and Yan He
Internet Data Analysis for the Undergraduate Statistics Curriculum

Letter to the Editor

Acknowledgement of JSE Referees

Volume 13, Number 2 (July 2005)



Mathew Carlton
Pedigrees, Prizes, and Prisoners: The Misuse of Conditional Probability

Christopher J. Mecklin and Robert G. Donnelly
Powerball, Expected Value, and the Law of (very) Large Numbers

Paul T. von Hippel
Mean, Median, and Skew: Correcting a Textbook Rule

Scott J. Seipel and Charles H. Apigian
Perfectionism in Students: Implications in the Instruction of Statistics

H. Dean Johnson and Nairanjana Dasgupta
Traditional versus Non-traditional Teaching: Perspectives of Students in Introductory Statistics Classes


Datasets and Stories

Michael Kahn
An Exhalent Problem for Teaching Statistics

Terence C. Mills
Predicting Body Fat Using Data on the BMI

Volume 13, Number 1 (March 2005)



G. Rex Bryce
Developing Tomorrow's Statisticians

Chris Andrews
The Ultimate Flow

Ulf Olsson
Confidence Intervals for the Mean of a Log-Normal Distribution

Stephen B. Vardeman and Joanne R. Wendelberger
The Expected Sample Variance of Uncorrelated Random Variables with a Common Mean and Some Applications in Unbalanced Random Effects Models

Timothy S. Vaughan and Kelly E. Berry
Using Monte Carlo Techniques to Demonstrate the Meaning and Implications of Multicollinearity

Rachel Sturm-Beiss
A Visualization Tool for One- and Two-Way Analysis of Variance


Datasets and Stories

Robert W. Hayden
A Dataset that is 44% Outliers

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