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An International Journal on the Teaching and Learning of Statistics

Table of Contents


Volume 12, Number 3 (November 2004)



Mary Richardson, John Gabrosek, Diann Reischman, and Phyllis Curtiss
Morse Code, Scrabble, and the Alphabet

Barbara Ward
The Best of Both Worlds: A Hybrid Statistics Course

Lawrence M. Lesser and Erik Nordenhaug
Ethical Statistics and Statistical Ethics: Making an Interdisciplinary Module

Peter Goos and Herlinde Leemans
Teaching Optimal Design of Experiments Using a Spreadsheet

Shai Linn
A New Conceptual Approach to Teaching the Interpretation of Clinical Tests

Erin M. Hodgess
A Computer Evolution in Teaching Undergraduate Time Series


Datasets and Stories

David E. Kalist
Data from the Television Game Show "Friend or Foe?"

Acknowledgement of JSE Referees

Volume 12, Number 2 (July 2004)



Dominique Haughton and Nguyen Phong
Graphical and numerical descriptive analysis: Exploratory tools applied to Vietnamese data

Mervyn G. Marasinghe, William M. Duckworth, and Tae-Sung Shin
Tools for Teaching Regression Concepts Using Dynamic Graphics

Mu Zhu and Arthur Y. Lu
The Counter-intuitive Non-informative Prior for the Bernoulli Family

Margaret H. Smith
A Sample/Population Size Activity: Is it the sample size or the sample as a fraction of the population that matters?

Kim I. Melton
Statistical Thinking Activities: Some Simple Exercises with Powerful Lessons

Cengiz Alacaci
Inferential Statistics: Understanding Expert Knowledge and its Implications for Statistics Education


Datasets and Stories

Neil Binnie
Using EDA, ANOVA and Regression to Optimise some Microbiology Data

Volume 12, Number 1 (March 2004)



David P. Doane
Using Simulation to Teach Distributions

Carmen Batanero, Juan D. Godino, and Rafael Roa
Training Teachers to Teach Probability

Joy Jordan
The Use of Orally Recorded Exam Feedback as a Supplement to Written Comments

Fadia M. Nasser
Structural Model of the Effects of Congnitive and Affective Factors on the Achievement of Arabic-Speaking Pre-service Teachers in Introductory Statistics

John Maindonald and Alice M. Richardson
This Passionate Study - A Dialogue with Florence Nightingale


Datasets and Stories

Thomas E. Bradstreet and Deborah L. Panebianco
An Oral Contraceptive Drug Interaction Study

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